Lgm solution services

About us

We are a company specializing in IT solutions for individuals and companies. Our CISCO and Microsoft certified technicians can help you with troubleshooting tasks.

Specialists provide technical support as soon as you keep us informed of your problem. We provide you with valuable tips to help you first try to repair your appliances yourself. But if this does not solve the problem, we will start a procedure of direct repair of your various appliances. We plan in advance the intervention techniques according to the type of device to be treated: computers, laptops, telephone wiring, servers, operating system, printer and printing

In terms of intervention, our company diagnostic service will ensure that your computer problems are dealt with immediately. We take stock of the status of your various IT equipment, software and applications. A repair service tailored to your needs is carried out in order to efficiently troubleshoot your appliances and prevent problems from recurring.

Our computer repair department assists you in resolving any malfunctions on your network. These can include on-site services through physical troubleshooting of your hardware: servers, computers, telephone network, and other devices. We also offer shop-work services through remote desktop troubleshooting such as operating system reinstallation or bug fixes.

Our features

Choosing our company means benefiting from the best ICT
solutions to make your IT infrastructure more efficient
and sustainable.

Our offers are adapted to the needs of all companies and individuals. We offer flexi-
ble contracts according to your budget and your activity. You can simply choose a
computer troubleshooting contract or opt for a complete offer.

We guarantee full cost transparency so that you have a direct overview of your
IT expenses. We carry out a planning for a regular computer maintenance interven-
tion. You can reach us at any time if you need assistance or just advice.

With our technicians, you focus on the efficiency of your computer and telephone
network, and this at a small cost.